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Re: *Invite to new project*

PrinceLelouch wrote:Amazing!!! A great guide, i love it. Now i know all the prices of different items, fashion, mounts, everything that is sellable.
Can you make it alphabetical, so that its easy to search.
A great project indeed, i love it. Thank you for making a G.O.A.T project in a G.O.A.T game.


Re: Next Update

I saw something in this thread about more midgame content. I agree. Beyond a certain point, it's no longer doing quests and learning about the lore. It's more of grinding repeatables and lixes until you smash your head into a wall. I can understand some parts of the game being grindy, but leaving s...

Re: Next Update

What you want to see in the next update ? What you think should be prioritised for QOL ? Dear players please give 3 answers to each question. I would like to see as new content. 1- New Chest including new mount and fashion. 2- Daily / Weekly / Montly missions. Somehow challenging and rewarding to gi...

Re: Godly BT Helm - Druid

Congratulations! Looks like a few helms have been dropping across the servers, I hear Donn and Herne have had drops to, any others? Herne got 2 royal helms in event so far. We have been killing on spawn. Drop rates adjusted Schwing ? Doubt it - danu has got crap and we've killed all but one on spaw...

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