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Re: Son plays for Free...advices

As far as servers it just depends. I might do some research before picking one as they are all very diffrent. Some have alot of comp, others don't. It all depends on what environment you want to play in. As far as mounts, I would start out with the lowest tier if you are planning on just using bount...

Re: Son plays for Free...advices

I have played for over 5 years now on multiple servers without ever putting any $ into game. I have been and am end game and have had no problem getting what I need. Yes I don't have the best mount but if I really wanted to I could get it. My point is, I don't think that $ is truly required to play ...

Re: Servers down

Tadaaah wrote:Sorry guys, I won't know until I can get ahold of someone. It's currently 7:00 in BKK. Most folks are still sleeping.

Thank you for keeping us updated!!

And hello Alu

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