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Re: Looking for some Spice in your Life? New Video! StormrageAwaken VS Saltsehealer, Battle of the Doch Gul Druids

Have you dueled Rhyaaaan from Epona before? He pretty arrogant 0_0 aka some nub mage named MrHotshot I want to but we both have not got around to it. New Video : Celtic Heroes | StormrageAwaken vs Saltyse | 10 Duel Feature: https://youtu.be/8-6XUAWhiDo Thank you StormrageAwaken for the duels! Who s...

Where are the Rosmertians?

You've probably noticed that Rosmerta's forum section is quite inactive, but really we communicate on other plat forms. Some servers/clans use Line, Facebook, Discord and others, but If you are looking for more ways to get in contact with Rosmerta's community , we are mostly located on the communica...

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