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PVP Tournament 8 Person Double Elimination REVISED

Seeking avid PvPers! Comment or pm me if interested :D https://i.postimg.cc/zDHfRyT7/D827992-B-5-ADF-4007-AFC0-34632479-B56-A.jpg Roster for Saturday's tournament. Pm me if you interested in being on the waiting list. https://i.postimg.cc/L6wqTnN3/2-DB6-ABB0-0-BEB-4-A4-D-B3-A9-F98825-F79-D51.jpg Con...

Re: Alright Please make some item that can reset faction or something to help

Just adding my experience. I have completed the reaver faction and swapped to lich now, I am currently at t3. After swapping factions i went from t4 to - 4 (nearly full - 4 bar) before my other bar went from - 4 to - 3.. That took about 20 hours of grinding.. But didn't seem so bad as even the 1 st...

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