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The fugitive menagerie

I dunno about other people, but I'm finding that the wisps for the 'the fugitive menagerie' never seem to spawn. I know with other bosses you have to kill their pre-bosses before they can spawn, so is there some specific wisp I need to kill so they spawn?

Dem Scammers/KSers

As a middle level player, I need help to fight bosses. So, the avatar of donn FINALY came up. Unfortunatly when he came up, this was at 3 in the morning, so very few players online. I went through my friends list, and asked a player called Admetus to help me. He came, but asked me for my heroic amul...

Wall cheating is back?

A guy bragged about having a secrect area... However he wanted gold for me to see it so I suspected scam. Later on, I saw him walking through walls in the castle... Don't know how he does his, but walking through walls is preatty big cheats... Can't remember his username but an admin might want to t...

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