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Re: Hacked

Muldar wrote:
Vitamin C wrote:I knew otm won't do ****, **** this game

Have you emailed the Support Team?

Can you provide us with your character name and world?


Characters name is Vitamin C on Morrigan

Re: Hacked

SHould OTM pay attention to these noobs shouting ACCOUNT HACK and STOLEN ? NO! Most probably an account seller trying to keep the money plus get the account back. Even if there's no proof in game most transactions take place on social app networks like LINE, BAND etc. So that there's no trace that ...

Re: Hacked

If someone with a super computer can brute force attack a CH account to guess both the username and password, they're spending their time and resources on the wrong place. Hack someone's bank account lol, its more profitable. If such hacks are possible, why not focus hacking high level accounts wit...


My account got hacked and I believe everything was mailed to someone else or dropped. I logged in after I got an email saying my password was changed and everything was gone. I never told anyone my password before and my username and password had nothing to do with eachother... Please look into this...

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