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Re: Upcoming lux shop

Can anyone tell me 1. how long the draining bite proc on the 1 mil holloween mount lasts or 2. Is the draining bite proc just damage over time or does it also heal over time? Only reason i ask this is cause last holloween mounts was a life drain skill but it did not mention in the skill description ...

Re: How Many Druids Out There?

Druids are very slow levelers unless you have lot of gold and xp lixes and plan to solo and even then solo leveling is difficult. No one wants to level with them because people think they dont do lot of damage, which is false. A problem is more than one druid is usually not needed in a level group a...

Re: Leveling a druid

Mirage i see roots used more as an endgame boss skill than for leveling as it can be quite tedious to try and keep yourself alive when your roots misses. My best soloing was with a hw build and when i had radiant earthstone gear i could kill mobs quite fast. Id recommend vines, strike, bees which ca...

Re: 8x the xp

There was only time when you could gain over 5x the experience is when they did a double xp event and you could use an elixer to stack on the double xp event. They havent done it again since update 3.

Re: History of Crom Server

I started back of Yule 2011. My first clan was greywarden. I left that clan shortly after realizing i would soon out level the chieftan because he was rarely on. I forgot his name. I later joined another clan with a good friend of mine eaglewing. I unfortunately can't remember the name of the clan b...

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