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Re: Poison weapon vs Fast reflexes

I have tested dps and lixing with many different build combinations over the years and Str build is better xp if you have the right gear. If you are getting better xp with dex, then you need different gear. For lixing you want as much str and dmg gear as possible. As I explained, the best dps skills...

Re: Poison weapon vs Fast reflexes

Str build is much better for leveling than Dex because the best DPS skills are Str based (except shadowstrike). Best skills for leveling are: Shadowstrike, Quick Strike, Riposte, Sneaky, and Assassinate...if you want to use one more skill, put points into poison weapon. A rogue is a DPS machine and ...

Re: By popular request: Flough's boss timer available to all clans on all servers!

It is truly an amazing app. As chief of Overlords, I can't thank Flough enough for it! Our clan's bossing is now much more consistent thanks to this app! We rarely lose any boss times now because everyone is using the same shared timer. All of the admin features and ease of use are just icing on the...

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