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Re: Temporary Luxury

Expect to see new 1mill mounts for Yuletide And Yuletide Mystery Chests! What Aileron said. Armo, this has been going on at least since last Halloween. Each season's event brings the release of new items that outdo the previous event, and with that comes new and higher prices. I think this event is...

Re: Post your Samhain Loot!

every time they release chests during an event at first they are amazing then they have a patch and their drops are ****. i opened 25 before patch they all were amazing got a harp and lute and spooky fashion and awesome lix i opened another 25 after patch and they are **** same thing happend during...

Re: To u plat(nium) haters

In all reality,without plat buyers u will have no idols,no resto pots,no elixs etc. I think the game should be designed where idols, resto pots and elixirs shouldn't be needed to play the game properly. This game has lots of opportunities to make plat in some other ways without making it as a pay-t...

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