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Re: I need warrior build advice

My jewelry is hero ammy of vigor Grand vanguards circlet of the summit Godly firefang ring Cronachs ironroot ring Grand guardians talisman Revenant bracelet of revitalisation Cronachs bladeleaf ring And superior stormfist ring I’m rather poor as far as gold goes so I may not be able to afford an axe...

I need warrior build advice

I really need warrior build advice, while rainbow lixing (solo) half of the time I can’t kill a 3 Star mob, my stats are Lvl 177 warrior with 3/5 DL armor 40/35 pummel 35/35 frenzy 35/35 dbl attack 40/35 defensive formation 40/35 shatter The rest are just 1/35 I have 7 remaining skill points It’s so...

A simple suggestion

Hello everyone. I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants this but I was wondering if OTM could put a feature into the game itself that tells players the date the player made the account. I started playing back in 2011 and when I tell people that they never believe me. They laugh and say "then w...

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