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I feel generous... Who wants to win 10M Grand Prize! The Hardest Scavenger hunt in Epona History!

This is for Coffin Family and other non Coffin family Epona players as well. Minimum level 100 required. You may only try once, no alts allowed but players can team to beat these unbeatable tasks! As you all know, I have before on the forums hosted a scavenger hunt for incredible prizes... The turn ...

Re: The NEW Dicing Rules

Only if your from our world can you understand why this would work. Over 3 years and I've never scammed plus being one of the richest on server helps too. The registration fee is a deposit incase you scam and I have to pay it off

Re: Scammed

Sorry that this has happened to you bud, the price of the items you lost is about 200k which I will refund to you as you were scammed from a member of my clan. I hope this is ok and you contine your fun with us on Celtic-Heroes I require a talk with you before hand if ok. AllPashion Leader of Winter...

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