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Levels question

Generally how many lixes does it take the average player to level from 1-100, 100-150, 150-190, 190-215, 215-225?

I know it varies with gear and efficiency but id just like a rough number of knowledge lixes ill need to get to 215+.

Thanks again


Xfering about 30m from gwydion to epona. this also includes a full non aeon white hunter set and many other rare fash, gear and etc.

Re: Samhein Event!

Kaliset wrote:I'd like to see new events. Not old ones.

So -1

Um they dont bring back the same content in the events... The event name stays the same "Samhain" but the content (fash, bosses, quests) are different, or atleast give different loot and rewards from quests.

Either way +1 please


Will hand to hand gear be added to necro, bt gele prot mord etc for thé use of the new dhiotu knucks

Epona chat

Is there an app people use like line, band or discord to talk to each other throughout the server, like a buy/sell chat and such?

Re: What do the developers consider is necessary for a Merge?

PrinceLelouch wrote:
Zkills wrote:
Gabee wrote:Which Dom server wants to merge with Epona?

Epona and Taranis

Please NO!!!
Dont merge Epona and Taranis.
I quit Taranis because of bullying and insulting.

you probably did something wrong to get bullied, and whether you did or not theres still a block button

Re: What do the developers consider is necessary for a Merge?

Any thoughts on fresh brand new servers or a 2nd game rather than the same content in a different form over and over for endgame? -1 for 2nd game, would take too long and lose way too many players. indifferent to whether a new server gets added or not, but look at where nuada has gone to, even befo...

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