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Epona chat

Is there an app people use like line, band or discord to talk to each other throughout the server, like a buy/sell chat and such?

Re: What do the developers consider is necessary for a Merge?

PrinceLelouch wrote:
Zkills wrote:
Gabee wrote:Which Dom server wants to merge with Epona?

Epona and Taranis

Please NO!!!
Dont merge Epona and Taranis.
I quit Taranis because of bullying and insulting.

you probably did something wrong to get bullied, and whether you did or not theres still a block button

Re: What do the developers consider is necessary for a Merge?

Any thoughts on fresh brand new servers or a 2nd game rather than the same content in a different form over and over for endgame? -1 for 2nd game, would take too long and lose way too many players. indifferent to whether a new server gets added or not, but look at where nuada has gone to, even befo...

Bashing on forums

Instead of bashing other players and our mods/admins on forums, could we take a moment to thank all the game developers have done for us with their small team and little amount of volunteers? I believe the people in charge deserve a big thank you from everyone, even the ones who may dislike them, be...

Re: Ethics Behind Locking Threads

Going through and deleting the correct parts, as well as all the quotes, etc is a head ache Welcome to the job of a forum moderator... you guys have it easy when compared to other games’ forum mods. I remember seeing a video of what WoW forum mods had to go through and wow... just wow... People jus...

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