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Re: Stuck

It seemed to be fixed now, but before it would freeze about after 30 seconds of the app running. It i didnt log in to select my character it would still freeze but now im able to play


I am able to play for like 10 seconds after logging in and then my games freezes. I have tried to play on different devices, i have redownloaded game, i tried waiting hours to play and it keeps freezing after 10 seconds

Re: magehelp

True but after after you'll start to need to find people to lix with and even more if your a mage, im now a lvl 217 mage and i had to group lvl since thats how i would get the most exp out of my lixes.

Re: magehelp

You shouldnt really use tank items, i would stick to the focus and ice/fire magic, if you got a hrung skull that reduces skills then that would be best mainhand to use, you should also not solo lvl, its always better to look for a group when lixing at 190+

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