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Arena glitch

So I realized that both arena glitches were fixed during the update. However, I was wondering if we'd be getting any lost PvP raitings back and/or any lost consumables back because I lost about 40 hero combos and 10 supers not to mention all the pet food and gold on mounts that it took away. If not ...


Difinitus wrote:
Zkills wrote:
Difinitus wrote:Mod edit: fake quote
Hey all we identified that Dihiothu doesn’t drop enough items, so we're going to be making some changes again. Also I’ll be handing Zkills the Unity beta reward personally tomorrow.

Congrats =)

Why thank you kind sir

You'll be the last!


Re: Subpar Gear = No Rolls?

It is not Leaching. There is an objective definition to the word leaching or if someone is being a leach. Having poor gear and coming to a boss and using plat items is not leaching. That person is putting in time, Plat items, and 'effort' (I use effort losely as sitting on your couch pressing butto...

Re: Subpar Gear = No Rolls?

I can’t force you to understand what I’ve said, if you really think I’ve repeated excuses? That’s enough for me to know that there is no point in continueing this arguemwnt with you. Or anyone on the server for that matter. We don’t need/want leechers. I wrote the rule book and I got that consensus...

Re: Void Axe

JoanOfArc wrote:It’s my opinion; however, the value is limited to what people can pay.

Xfer me fingal to epona nub :D

Re: A Beast Awakens

Thread cleaned up. If you want to hijack a thread to talk about issues with Proteus, please create another topic AND don't stoop to insults . Doesn't help the discussion or the VR team when they read it. I'm not locking the thread because of two reasons: 1. Difinitus started the thread, so I'd rath...

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