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Rogue ss glitch

While playing on rogue for snorri lock I have lost a lock multiple times now due to the fact that it says

Shadowstrike succeeded
Then follow up it says that snorri then has avoided shadow strike

How can shadow strike succeed if it's getting avoided?

To all the people who are getting mad about the resets last night

Ik a few servers ended up getting a reset last night but they got with very little warning muldar has said they have been working very hard in the office with the new update coming out and between the crash, they can't do everything they are doing there best atleast they gave that few minute warning...

Re: Servers

Kastron wrote:We were *this* close to killing Smooch on Rhiannon when the servers died XD

You guys in df have the worst of luck lol something always happens to the servers when yous try to kill something big

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