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Level 86 Mage

Hey guys im a level 86 fire mage and my build isint working well,i currently use firestorm fire bolt fire att and cloak of fire and energy and incenerate however u spell lol :?: My gear is currently wardens and celistical pieces, warden wand, and masters grimore, plus a couple of ring for events. Pl...


Selling Sages Bay Colt taking offers
Ring Of Swiftness 250k

Pm me in game Stealthyy

Re: CelticP1mps

I'm still currently general on one of my toons in celticplmps I remember joining Nate when both of us were lvl 16 and he had just started the clan. Ist was one of the ones I had invited to plmps:) hommie was a good guy! Still had my hero ammy though lol i am currently clanles and would love to go b...

Re: Hypnos buy list

spacemod wrote:I may got some stuff for you also if you need any help just me
- Bugs

Ok thanks ill probs be on 2 hrs from now. Thanks Bugs!!!!

IGN: RoyalDaggerz

:D :D


Re: CelticP1mps

Istael wrote:Np ;)
But yea, to answer your question, a few plmps are still active. Not that many though :(
Plmps days were cool, I miss them sometimes

Yea same : :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: well keep in touch my old friend :D :D

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