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Re: Well..

I hope the Val you did mention is me:p Sad to see you leave, I just started playing again todayxD

Re: Auction House Details

Well my auction house would be in the tavern. An old dignified leprechaun with a mallet standing next to a pot of gold will have a mallet symbol above him .He will be called the auctioneer and when you tap him a design similar to your inventory and the bank will appear where you can search for an i...

Re: Big Sale.

Criminal wrote:
Valour wrote:White lugh 2m? In Mabon they're 10m

For us no one will pay 2M either. We dont believe in a piece of fashion outclassing an actual good item.

Oh Ok, here in Mabon we gladly pay 10m for White lugh If anyone is Even considering selling.

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