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Re: Crazy rogue stats

https://i.postimg.cc/KjxZM7B4/Screenshot-20190401-151612.png Bloodthorn build? This is something I'd definitely run with, very good damage with excellent survivability. I like how u took this screenshot mid fight with bt lol He use combo for sure, there is no way in the world to have that perfect s...

Re: New item drop locations

Hellforged brace - The trolls huddled up in the middle Apostate Brace - South west corner mage in alchemical https://i.postimg.cc/SxTnWQ0p/B62-F43-E5-2700-485-A-B621-A73623-D2645-D.jpg Hellforged dropped months ago, apostate dropped within 24hrs prior to me posting this - they do exist and please f...

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