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Re: Hellsteed

This may have been asked before (sorry, if so), but will essences ever make a reappearance (with either witchbane chests returning or being added to a future chest)? I have some mixed feelings about it; on the one hand, I feel it would be a bit unfair to make it a one-time-only thing as it is a bit...

Issues with bank

I can't cycle through the item categories from my bank. It works via characters inventory so I have to back out my bank, go into character invo and select what category I want from there, then go back into my bank

Re: Tavern glitched?

AzzurroM wrote:
Romeo wrote:Seems like it's just the global areas, probably should just get rid of them

And the game rn is broken af lol, 20 min delay on each skill o.o

Same but 20 mins is a bit far fetched lmao, it's more like 2 secs

Re: Black desert mobile

Kinda hard to make a true open world game on mobile that could meet the standards of Skyrim in terms of open world/graphics because of how limiting mobile is. Better off investing time into a console/pc open world game instead of facing the disappointment of mobile games. If you like Skyrim than th...

Re: Black desert mobile

A decent mobile open world RPG is Ark mobile. Its basically an island you wake upon which is filled with dinosaurs and stuff. Have building and crafting mechanics too. Its fun tbh. For PC try fallout 4, i personally think skyrim huge success is due to its modding community, game provided people pla...

Re: Lag since Friday/Saturday skills and hot-swaps mostly effected.

ImMinecraftMike wrote:Weekly maintenance you mean?
I know quite a few games do this and although a pain sometimes it does give the game a smooth run :).

Same. I think every mobile game I've played has had weekly maintainance, some of them dont even have any downtime while doing the maintainance

Re: Unlinking facebook

If you un-link your Facebook account within the Facebook settings, it does not communicate with us that you have done so. If you do this method, you will be unable to log back into Celtic Heroes unless you re-link using the same Facebook account. You can always submit a ticket to Support if you wis...

Re: Gameplay experiment

VR should make a new server, but disable all platinum purchases and bounty shop consumables. I wanna see just how much this game revolves around plat items and I want to see how far players can go before things become too much. I know players will want to partake as it would offer a completely new ...

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