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Re: Is it a BUG?

I think one of my characters is up to like 6-7 active bounties that are ready to be submitted, but can't be. Bit of a weird bug, but I'm a collector :P Also have several quests from past collecting events that will never be able to be completed lol. I still got the old duskshadow armour quests on m...

Re: New on epona

itemfinder(admin) wrote:I can help you get started if you wish? PM me if you want or message on band for a faster reply.

Appreciate it but I'll be staying on my home world. It's too much hard work to start again, I tried but after a couple of days..

Re: What are your hobbies?

Love the piano, can't play it but I do listen. It's so relaxing sometimes ill put some on spotify and lay there listening. Who are some pianists i should be listening to? I personally am a massive fan of the Piano Guys, which is an extremely talented Piano/Cello duo. YES, if you want awesome piano ...

Re: Looking for a server? Herne is open for new players

Angmar Reid wrote:
Zkills wrote:
Angmar Reid wrote:Join! It’s a cool server 8-)

Heard there’s a raging red head there who ginger snaps lmao

Ha, no, that’s Danu. Hernia ain’t ready for da rage :o

Shivahh wrote:Traitor!

Aw, Shiv, you know I love Danu! I’m just stating facts.

Hernia :lol:

To all hernians, I did not start that name

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