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Final Goodbyes to Arawan!

As a few of you may already heard im quitting. I have way too much real life stuff to deal with grades rocketing down not enough sleep etc. the list goes on. Anyways i loved and still do love celtic heroes but i really have to stop i have been playing way too much!! i need to focus on real life firs...

Re: so yeah? badabing..

oh god hoho.. i remember that tea he kept asking questions when we were fighting falg and shiver..random questions to the druids
and then i remember when he called me a douchebag and started cussing at me because i didnt help him kill the purple unicorn and he died

Re: why are people saying warriors are overpowered..? rogue

shadow believe it or not.. sneaky attack use to be even more powerful they tweaked it down a bit.. anyways the reason why it does so much damage is because the enemy cant target u which means i only use on boss and yellow monsters going to hide just for 1 less hit seems pointless to me.. so yeah sne...

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