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Re: Server reset for Double platinum but will there be any fixes as well please.

In the post we stated that we are fixing the crashes players are experiencing (but it still may occur) and improving the performance in the Global Arena. We have another update coming soon that will improve performance overall. Hi, Just wanted to check in do you have an ETA on when the servers will...

Re: Reset Hours

Unfortunately I don’t think any time zone is perfect for everyone. I’m American and it restarts at 3am for me now ...which I’m on a vampire schedule so it works out for me, but a lot of my fellow American clannies hate it while it’s being beneficial to the non Americans that hardly ever made resets...

Reset Hours

With the new reset hours, our clan is finding it harder to compete. Being a west coast player it is usually around 1-1:30 am making it hard to for me to be able to stay up that long. I'm not complaining but id just like to get others feedback and POV on the new reset times and if in what way its aff...

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