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Re: If u play in Epona

The person who "came way later" was originally there on a different toon and switched out to dps as it would have helped out alot more :/ He was never late in first place. I don't think he was trying to be rude either and telling you as he was actually there at the time and present at boss...


Any other success? I haven't heard about anyone killed it since epona did it once. This boss is little op... Vr made several good weapons and good mechanism for new items. And they made immortal boss for it... How can something be immortal if it's been confirmed to die alrdy twice? Unless you're re...

Re: Whats best Tank Pet

Surya707 wrote:For a pure stat page, salveroot seedling is a better option anyway, beats a tan boar quite easily. 240 vit vs 180 of the boar and 480 defense vs 300 of the boar...and any skill is better than the boars one imo :lol:

Yoooo salve adds vit now? ;-; what sorcery is this

Re: Griefing at Dino

RUKE wrote:Teleporting by dino dosent only effect those who is in aggro list

I was also off tank at gates and never went in dino aggro range or any aoe or orbs of dino , still got teleported out .

None of our offtank had been teleported while tanking 4* adds. You sure you weren't just positioned differently?


Congrats Epona. Great job! Just a curiosity question if anyone from Epona wants to answer. If not that's fine too. I was just wondering since the whole server can basically boss together, how are you guys determining who is actually in the group that kills? Also, do only those people in the kill gr...


https://i.postimg.cc/3x2Qy09P/Screenshot-20190514-215608-Celtic-Heroes.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/xTbW7brc/Screenshot-20190514-215557-Celtic-Heroes.jpg Gz epona again! All peeps who said "gl killing the proper way on epona" how it feel now 0-0 Killed prepatch and now patch and will continue...

Re: Dino since last patch

Have back ups. Simple as that. Have another warrior on standby just incase an offtank gets tp’d. I’m not sure how the exact mechanics work but apparently the less you have the better... so have other players stand outside so if one gets tp’d another can go in and replace that player. kind of defeat...

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