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Re: Getting Started

Welcome to Celtic Heroes!!

I would highly recommend Arawn!

& when it comes to the Class you could start with Druid, they’re not easy to solo with but they’re easy to gear.

The one that I have enjoyed the most is Mage! They can be quite op, easy to gear and level.

Selling a few items.

White Lugh Silverweb ring of lighting strike +8, natures touch +8, natures touch +6 Grand dragon ring of nature’s embrace +8 Dark grim of health Level 200 bow (tower shop) Level 200 ring of secrets Level 200 ring of valour x4 Mythic Phoenix glider 100/50/50 Aggy braces lighting strike & Shield o...

Xfer to Arawn

s selling white and black hunter, gara shrive set, phoenix glidders 95% and 100%, wyld ammy of the sun and trailblazer 190 Str set for chests on Arawn

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