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Joining Crom

Hey some of you may know me, but this is just to introduce me to those who don't. I am an Arawn veteran, and I am using Crom as a vacation (: I have made a warrior named Silver Legacy, so if you find me ingame shoot me a message and say hi! I am not using a world xfer, just starting fresh on a new t...

Re: Thank you arawn

Hey Nueee, glad to see your still alive... and the fact that i'm still alive! You did make a good choice, not saying that Arawn sucks. I just left because I grew sick of the gameplay.

Still Alive

Hiya, it's Silver! I can totally tell that you all miss me sooo much with a passion. Just making this post to let you guys know I'm still alive. I just sort've quit the game without any warning. Just FYI! Great jooorb Arawn!

Buy/Sell Requests!

Hey guys, I just recently hit Lv100 and got my meteoric sword, now I am looking forward to buying ONE thing, and selling THREE things. I would certainly LOVE to buy a Freezing Axe of Triumph, and I am selling 3 Red Remnants of Earth, 2 Red Remnants of Metal, and my old Golden Bodkin of Spirits. If n...

Carak the Twisted?

Where is Carak??? I need to fight him for the last part of my astral booties. He is somewhere in the sewers. And I could never find him. There is a quest X on my map, but it isn't on the terrain. It's north east of the Central Viaduct, and due east of the lower cistern. Help pls!

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