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Full support?

Throughout my Celtic Journey I have taken many key roles in my world. I Clouds have Tanked the one and only Geledon, I have healed my clannies as a Druid, and locked bosses as a ranger. (All while being a rogue) I am considered Transclass. While all those roles are very fun..... I wish to become the...

Solution to the Problem!

I have a solution! A solution to a serious problem in the game that I hold so deer. A solution to a problem that many (I mean everyone) is effect by. THE PROBLEM IS... We can't be fat in Celtic Heroes! That's right a very serious problem, so many six packs, so many people who look like they hit the ...

Rogue help.

Looking for some advice on my build, if I should change/buy anything. I'm a 183 rogue Gear - I have 180 spear and 180 dagger, 180 haste dagger and 180 frozen axe. dl pants, gloves, boots. Mighty trolls at helm of sneaky attack Ancient bone bp Rank 4 doggo Jewelry- Wlyd ammy of mountain 150 verison 1...

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