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Re: Darkflame Sets?

Are there any on your server? If so, how many and who owns them? There are 3 full sets on Sulis. I own 2, Gio owns 1. For now ;) There are 2 on danu, but they are not in circulation unless I log on, but that is only maybe once every 6 months for a few minutes. I thought we only had 1 since we only ...

Full white glist set??

Has anyone completed the set of white glistening I'm only missing the wig I just have normal and I only know 1 person that has glist cough noodles that won't sell to me :( just curious if anyone has?
P.s I wished it glowed a bit brighter not as cool:(

Re: Upcoming companions

Not able to play and dont have any friends that do so I don't know what companions actualy do. Are they just like mounts but animals? Or what They give u a small boost for example 5-20% camo maybe a skill that increases/decreases defense or whatever it takes both hands and does small damage like an...

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