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Re: Server Boss Timers

Terrible idea....just terrible. If you don't want to put in the work for the boss then you don't deserve it anyway. Work? I thought this was a game? Like you know NOT work ;) As I said I have been camping bosses for over 3 years now. With +3000hrs in game on just one of my accounts. Servers with co...

Server Boss Timers

What do you all think about in game Server Boss Timers? Yes it would remove the advantage of camping bosses to have an advantage to get the lock first.. But in all honesty those that are serious about CH already do this. What if there was a tab to see which raid and quest armour bosses where due soo...

Re: Server Restart - 12 Noon - Player Feedback Tweaks

1) this was supposedly implemented during a patch from 5 months ago ish. But gj that you finally changed this 2) is this otm admitting that the event rings are complete trash? And I am curious how you guys are planning to avoid such a huge content fail in the future. 3) yes the boss was easy. But t...

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