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OTM visit

Great to see OTM Muldar with us today was a pleasure running into u at farcrag on DarkRaven ironically I was listening to monstarcat and chilling didn't even notice him creep on us lol good to have a talk with u man about pressing ishues it was nice surprise so thank you from all of us for the littl...

Spawn Windows

I don't know if this has been asked or not has the timers for ow frozen been updated with a decent spawn window to min camping if there is can somone msg me a link or a screen shot of a spawn chart thx guys

A Frindly Reminder

Good day arawn I would like to just remind everyone that buys/sells items to always double check the sec pop up option to make certain it is the right item or amount of gold before you accept the trade the ch team developed that window to make serten that there was a way u cant get ripped off its do...

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