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Re: To all the server comments

Taranis has a chance at being the best server if the union merges but everyone egos are huge as f***. If this merge happened Taranis would by far be the best server but that won't happen because of 2 clans...and one of them is mine lol WOW merging everyone into a single clan is gonna make a server ...

Re: To all the server comments

@jaynightblade That's understandable I'd never transfer either I'd rather fix my world if it was broken or just quit because this game is a big distraction and makes me less productive in real life, but thankfully my server is fine. I hope they allow you to do that one day. Have you been there to e...

Re: Server Activity?

No plans to leave aeon in the works.[/quote]

I'm not telling you to leave but maybe when you're powerful enough and our server we try to revive is dead like a potato there is always that option. Although I wasn't in Aeon that long it was a pleasure to meet you Raven you're very cool person.

Re: Server Activity?

No no no, Taranis refusing to work together is the problem. Aeon and Pride's Cold War will just end in people going inactive. And with the decreasing members means the rise of Ravenleaf's, or commonly known as Plus3, empire of 17 devices which will soon take over our server. I have 19 toons over le...

Re: To all the server comments

There's different servers for different types of people, there's no one size fits all when it comes to Celtic heroes Some people like competition Some people hate competition Some people are super competitive Some people just wanna have fun and a chance at drops Some people Just wanna socialise and...

Re: Server Activity?

Can't get enough on to kill 6s so it sits up for weeks at a time. People lose interest, even gara/skain had no one waiting at the spawn near the end. Pretty much the only way to guarantee you can get these drops is to be able to solo it. I think that's a sign the events are staying to long No no no...

To all the server comments

To all of the server going dead issues if you're a rich player and your server is dead and you're looking to transfer you would be an idiot to not go to Arawn. Arawn is by far the best server in the game and will continue to be the best because it is the most active by far no server can argue agains...

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