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Re: Who here likes to be a mage?

I’d always say be wary of advertising easy access to a top clan on a server. People who are notorious of selling items that they shouldn’t will pounce on the opportunity, knowing they don’t really have to prove themselves (just be active for a bit and you get nice stuff to later sell). Best of luck...

Re: Who here likes to be a mage?

Cant offer Raid gear without working for it or following the process. Not trying to be rude but how is that different from any other server then (aside from epona, no offense) not rude at all. :mrgreen: Im not trying to stand out over other servers. I am just looking for some nice people to be mage...

Re: Halt!!

I understand the appeal for carrows Carnage... but this last event was exhausting

Dont do this back to back

Id suggest holding off on it...

let people recover.

Re: Valentines Day Competition!

Characters: Senor and Senora World: Rosmerta What started as a get away, for us two, from all the dramatics in the game and real life, became our official rangers over the course of two or three years. We stayed in a clan called, Los Dos, meaning The Two in Spanish, all the way from 1 to 215. Keepin...

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