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Re: New item drop locations

Clan member also found an Ursa brace on this mob at the path to large area in Sv https://i.postimg.cc/3NQ2HKwr/0-C1532-CC-A3-C6-45-A2-982-B-CC3-F198-D84-DA.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/MTQ14cqr/1894-C5-CE-3317-4-F3-F-A480-3-D3-FD93-A4-E75.jpg I guess I’m kinda confused on this bear... is it something w...


Buying old heroic ammy and golden blade. Hmu in game, char name Solemn

Re: Some Questions about Epona

Im looking to transfer to Epona and just wanted to ask a couple more questions about the world after reading the post about Epona Clans: From what I can tell clans don't dictate drops. What role do clans serve on Epona? Restrictions: I read about the class rolling specifics and saw something on a d...

Re: Garden item is broken

Hello, i recently bought a lvl 195 bracelet for my warrior for 600k, and its supossed to give 25 energy regen but it doesnt. Ive mailed support 4 days ago but noone has got back to me. Any chance u could fix the item or refund me? I tried to paste screenshot of the item here but its too large. The ...

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