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Re: EG warrior build show off *Please!*

I don't have anything to show off but I'll tell you what I currently use. Does not seem to cause any problems. I usually only tank XDL or sents at Gele. Str - 5(95) Dex - 5(205) Foc - 10 Vit - 1090(2625) HP - 21506 En - 1937 Att - 2675 I never attack Dam - 1181 I never do damage Def - 3360 Arm - 163...

Re: Endurning Guard vs Shield Bash

I usually off tank which is what I originally switched to this build for. I didn't consider removing taunt but that makes sense. I have my druid cast slash ward and I have enduring guard at 45 which allows the adds to rage without killing me. As for shield bash I think I just like that you see it wo...

Re: Fall and Winter Events

While the addition of the random spawns for legacy bosses was nice I think the game requires something that spawns every 4 hours like event bosses.

Legacy bosses don't give you a sense of competition since whoever finds it usually gets to kill.

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