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Xfer Lugh to Arawn Items Review.

Lugh Full White admair Set.(600k) Full Purple Hunter Set (Non spooky)(500k). Focus of Seer (260k). Aggy Frost grim lvl 110 (100k) Black spectral skull mask (200k) Enscorcelled white witch mask (250k) Full Black sunlit fashion set (100k) Pirate Black skullcap with eyepatch (120k) Black pirate pants ...

Re: Time to sell dragon lord

-1 Firstly If you really want something,you camp it. Not taking the easy way out by buying them off. However, if DL drops can't be sold , I really doubt any higher levels will even bother to help out, so what I'm trying to say is, if DL drops are to be sold in the future, I suggest that it will be s...

Marlboro Ice

SELLING Tundra stormskimmer 650k , Purple hunter set 700k. Ironroot komrak set 500k, Black pirate pants, black pirate skullcap, haste ring (300k). BUYING melisant lexicon page 1/3/5 ,

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