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Re: All About Gwydion!

I only said cry was dead. I havnt seen cry in quite a few months like when the new update first started or earlier. I do see relentless and soli but like a few members around or when there's a boss up I see a crap ton of em on. like I said it was just my experience. nothin to go crazy over xD Edit: ...

Re: All About Gwydion!

naw this is strictly from what I've seen playing it everyday. I could be wrong I honestly don't see many of either on and someone told me (Gizmokiller) said Relentless was basically dead.
My post was of first hand experience not of statistical facts. Sorry for any confusion.


Re: All About Gwydion!

Cry is dead... there hasn't been a full clan in gwydion since the new update everyone has started their own. Relentless is hardly ever active beside a few members, Solitaire is basically only on when a boss pops up and Godlike has scraglers here and there as well. My clan, Malevolent (Rapture/Gorgeo...

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