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World Xfering Anywhere

I have some stuff in rosmerta that I want to xfer out of there. I'll go to any server really, so if you wanna switch servers pm me.
Stuff im xfering
1m sunshard ammy
1m gold
Shield of rampart

Pm OpticalRouge or mail me in rosmerta if you wanna world xfer.

Re: best/worst fights

Also it wouldnt be pure titanium because he gets hit with bullets and the titanic broke from hitting a still block of ice. It would have to be an alloy that has a stronger metal combined in with it. Most likely nickel which is magnetic. I hope you're just joking around or do you really think the Ti...

New Competetor in Town

Hey everyone, I am not new to forums but I am new to the competitions. Im not an artist but if i have a picture in front of me i think i can do a pretty good job copying. Also i am a pretty decent writer so the story parts will be fairly easy. So look out because u got a big competetor going into th...

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