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Re: Fix ASAP

Let's see a video or it didnt happen my troll. Either that or tell me the lotto numbers for next week since you to be the only person not to experiencing lag

Re: Witch Dead

At least four servers got drops including mine donn. But will be,interested to hear from vr on this as it also seems,that everyone got the same drops

Re: Bloodthorn bash

Bloodthorn can easily be done with 25 toons on most servers which is 100 pots per raid, given that you can farm 20 pots per hour per toon it isnt going to be that difficult to get the pots but agree pots are an unnecessary complication

Dino downed on Donn

After much effort Clan Concordiia downed dino today with 28 people in 40 minutes https://i.postimg.cc/gcK9R724/Screenshot-20191005-232217-Celtic-Heroes.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/VL73ZbMC/Screenshot-20191005-232259-Celtic-Heroes.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/yxMQtb9p/Screenshot-20191005-232236-Celtic-Heroe...

Re: Gele Lock Battle - Is outlocking without being able to kill a boss griefing?

Chaotic wrote:Grief their geles with early bashes until they agree to make a deal to stop attacking with under x amount of toons. Only advice I can give you. We did this on Gwydion with a degree of success.

So chaotic you approve of actual real griefing?

Re: Gele Lock Battle Crap pls all respond

What another says is griefing is what they have decided for that server and doesn't necessarily apply to all server ( in the same way that drop distribution doesn't either), it may or may not apply to ours. Iirc you used to be a member of concordiia and were geared well. As I said we enjoy competit...

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