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Re: A New Clan!

So wait, if I joined the clan and went to BT and got a drop after winning the roll against 50 other people.. I am giving it to the clan bank?

Re: Celtic Heroes Classic

I really feel this post!! I remember how simple yet extremely fun the game was!! I even prefer how items looked back than and how cool the characters were and the fashion!! ahhh so simple!! Like I remember how cloud mounts looked so good! If I genuinely ever win a lottery I am hitting up VR to get t...

Re: Let's be realistic

Since around 2015-2016 Celtic Heroes turned into just a social place for me. All the repeated same old mob killing genuinely gets boring if you actively played this game since 2011-2012.. All the events and special things that OTM was making and just the way the ran the game was simple and yet more ...

Re: Patch Notes: Version 3.4.1C

it’s kinda funny how Epona manages to kill bosses first and always get their kill discredited because of the mistakes and not the best quality of testing by Developers and Beta Testers!! :D // maybe for the future let Epona test new bosses and every time they kill it just buff it so that way it’s ha...

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