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Re: A rule suggestion:

I think what you are talking about is that if there is only one group at a boss and none out of group than whoever the items drop too gets to keep it which is luck based by Support programming

Re: A New Clan!

So wait, if I joined the clan and went to BT and got a drop after winning the roll against 50 other people.. I am giving it to the clan bank?

Re: Celtic Heroes Classic

I really feel this post!! I remember how simple yet extremely fun the game was!! I even prefer how items looked back than and how cool the characters were and the fashion!! ahhh so simple!! Like I remember how cloud mounts looked so good! If I genuinely ever win a lottery I am hitting up VR to get t...

Re: Let's be realistic

Since around 2015-2016 Celtic Heroes turned into just a social place for me. All the repeated same old mob killing genuinely gets boring if you actively played this game since 2011-2012.. All the events and special things that OTM was making and just the way the ran the game was simple and yet more ...

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