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Re: Lugh Player Ban – Vote

DanyMerlin98 wrote:Ohh nice thts lugh then?! I got banned for bad behaviour and i needed to work hard for get unbann and she keeps offend people and you dont want bann her?? If she want to be unbanned she needs to stop like i did

u killed in arena too

Re: Lugh Player Ban – Vote

-1 the only +1 voters are like u call it op's clanners. why??because they dont want any competition so how they solve it?yep right they ban them well if thats ur type of playing u reached the point of being a bully by urself so why we dont ban every member of alliance because they cheat? just my opi...


hey all iam selling following items obsidian quickblade (29 charges left) -golden blade of ice -hammer of the undefeaten(lvl 130 req 200 melee combat 110 crushing dmg 3425 speed 225 direct dmg to rupture) -grand frostiron axe(lvl 120 req 80 slashing 40 cold dmg +6 shatter 3205 speed) -emerald amulet...

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