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Re: Tzunami

Well, i got a life man. Unlike you lolol. you have alot of friends ''in game" for sure. Causing unwanted trouble for everybody, sometimes i wonder what have you been doing all along with your life. (Oops i forgot you got no life) :lol: tbh i really play CH for fun to meet friends. But obviously...

Re: Tzunami

8 probably just angry that another warrior will be competing with her for drops. Thus trying to kick off Tzu.
Thats from my point of view :)
Just hate me or whatsoever, just stating facts.

Just saying.

Hi 8. Its only a game, stop taking things seriously. You are completely addicted to the game. I admit that i've pissed people off, made some of my friends angry... But the point is, games are for us to have fun, not to ban every single person you hate, denying them boss, exposing what they've done. ...

Re: Marlboro Ice

Sup, i can be whoever i want man. Lugh is open server, you really gotta stop picking on people. So what if i'm all of the above, what will it prove ? If you wanna prove anything make sure it's black and white. Evidence, and i'll assure you i'll keep my mouth shut. But you, Having no proof against me...

Re: Tzunami

+1. Afterall we had lots of fun. Still miss you despite the fact that you are a bad ass. :lol:

Kennywow selling

Tinder stormskimmer 70% with hp and mana regen. (800k)
Full hunter purple set non spooky (900k) Negotiable
Aggy trident 110 & 130 (70k and 130k respectively)
That's all for now

Re: Time to sell dragon lord

i will +1. But who is going to set the price? Not overpricing them, can try to use other server price as a reference. Or else it will be very hard to collect them because apparently some higher levels got the FULL DL set, still refusing to give it away despite the fact that they cant sell it. Idk ho...

Buying restores

Buying 1k-2k restores (100g EA preferred)
Selling Aggy 110/130 tridents. 70k/120k respectively.
Selling Aggy frost book 110. 100k
Selling golden helm prowess 100k
And a lot more.

Gucci Prada wOw

Kenny's Shop Equipments: Dark trident zeal- lvl req 110//120k (Negotiable) Golden helm of prowess- lvl req 50//120k(Not negotiable) Mighty silverweb helm blade fang-lvl req- 110//(Offers) Dagger of exile-lvl req 30//Offers Swift Cloud 2012 (60% speed) - Offers Mystic frost iron wand(+3 iceblast and ...

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