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Re: Contact Callator

I hope by "nice" you mean fake as sh*t. :) Just because they're adding smileys and being "nice" doesn't mean they have good intentions. :) The older players are quitting cause their egos are hurt they ain't ruling Lugh anymore. They were SO NICE that their clan fell apart. :) Exc...

Re: Contact Callator

You're saying just because Calla is nice he is allowed to scam?

Serial killers and rapists are nice too when they prey.

I'm in no way saying Calla is either one of those, but gtfo.

Re: Tzunami

o8o wrote:actually crotch, its the 2nd time...
The 1st was me wanting the dm to pick
a number instead of always using highest roll.
Sorry & excuse me for getting off topic...
Carry on with the thread.

Aww aren't we one big happy family now baberz hehe

Re: Tzunami

senta wrote:
DanyMerlin98 wrote:
paggasquid wrote:Uh?16 vs 8 its more then enough to unbann

The vote has been open for 24 hours. Why don't you calm yourself down and let this go on so more people have buy in.

Agreed. If you have an opinion, this is the time to speak up, instead of complaining later when the votes doesn't go your way.


Support has been under relatively high pressure for the moment and have a backlog of upkeep to attend to. A few other members from other departments are trying to help out but unfortunately there is a wait time. Please be patient. Try writing a ticket and label it deleted character or something, th...


Ok, what the heck @ OTM Support system. Mailed them multiple times, also mailed Kordelia whoever on forums = no response. I was in the Gelebron Tower Beta with my toon Nutella, and I would appreciate it if OTM would send me my gloves given that they look sick af. No disrespect but this is not cool. ...

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