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Re: Warrior stats

Frenzy is purely for auto damage and attack. To maximize damage for dps skills you want as much strength as you can get aswell as gear to max said skills to 50. Basically go all strength and get jewelry to max skills to 50 that you use. If already maxed from armor (edl or dl) then don’t worry about...

Re: Rupture mechanics

If i hot swap my mord spear for a lvl 1 axe to cast rupture, am i doing wrong or does axe damage matter or is rupture based primarly from str stat? Not sure if i need to buy an updated axe or any axe works even level 1 just to cast rupture and swap back to spear? You can cast rupture with spear in ...

Re: Dragon pet question

MrScar wrote:
Rallick wrote:Heyo just wondering if poison dragon skill works on necro ghosts?

yes but low dmg as all skills except for swarm. rupture and divine dmg

Yes I bought dragon and found out, was hoping poison one would work like bees does, better luck next time haha

Re: How does aggro work when tanking?

I have taunt 50 def form 50 stance 50 wall 50 bash 42 warcry 45 but I swap You can pretty easily hold aggro on adds with low warcry as long as ppl are not purposely hitting them, mage aoe won’t pull off me but if a rogue starts going at one I taunt it once to keep aggro, I also don’t use anything t...

Re: How does aggro work when tanking?

I thought about unmaxing them as well (well when I do tank). What would I use instead tho? Enduring guard? I already have the rest maxed My points as follow: taunt 43 shieldwall 45 stance 50 form 50 warcry 24, I usually have bash at 42 but sometimes I run shatter instead so that soloing 4 and 5s ed...

Re: How does aggro work when tanking?

I know what aggro is but how much does my taunt and stuff add aggro wise, what is the best to use for keeping aggro? I keep an unmaxed taunt at 43(with +8 from pants so 35) 24 warcry with 42 bash. Taunt alone is enough to keep aggro on eg bosses, my vit also around 2600, which helps but like crim s...

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