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Re: Update

the fact they deleting Posts is a pain.
ill be leakin those shenanigans in my next Video , Hope it gets the message thru.
Keep an eye out for a video called:" Censored"
on Youtube Channel Dr Exe.


Re: Were almost in July and there's still winter chests in the shop...

they dont bother updating CH at all,
if they where to release an Aniversary Update say next monday... thatd still equal coming to your own Birthday Party almost 2 weeks later.
Same with chests why Bother changing what people still buy regardless.

CH died when Glasgow studio got closed.

Re: Upcomming Updates Info?

ive talked to quite a few of my youtube followers on instagram, the majority did pause this game for now tho.
what happend to cg2? like the expansion of corrupted gardens.. the faction system got enough testing time now already.. let it loose on different areas.

Upcomming Updates Info?

This goes directly to VR, could you guys leak some footage or stuff about the next few updates in Line? i for one am currently trying to find motivation to play Celtic Heroes again... give me some :D till then, take this friendly image of my ranger lol https://i.postimg.cc/vZjW4gNF/myranges.png

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