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Re: Not fair for rangers

i read that there are going to be quivers of arrows introduced which will have infinite or a much greater amount of powered up arrows. also... no class has less health than any other. vitality works the same for all classes and no one gets any bonus in health for leveling up as other games do. my be...

Re: Sneak attack change thoughts

What if you're in a group with two rogues? Some of these suggestions would make it so only one of them could use their skill, which is quite unfair and biased against the class as a whole. If SA is limited to being used only on out of combat mobs, I would like to see similar limits made for other c...

Re: Rogues compared to warriors

:lol: i can solo a fireknight and shiverlord without any help and i'm a rogue. they are tough, and i had to rebirth after the update, but it is doable. at least, it is at level 56. btw if you don't have fast reflexes as a rogue that is a shame. all the tougher stuff requires high dex/defense and fas...

Re: Rogues compared to warriors

being a rogue is tough these days... the more others level up on my server and i see their strength i realize this. i'm not mad. the increased offhand damage and the ability to parry attacks sound pretty cool to me. i can't wait for the update :twisted:

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