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Re: First female ranger edl on arawn

Legolas15 wrote:
TheYuleBro wrote:Congratulations!

Though I hope the stats are good, because its fugly
i hope you are joking. I think ranger edl looks the best out of all the classes

Ew no. Ranger DL was way better looking. Best looking sets are warrior and rogue imo... Still look like a cheap power rangers suit though :/

Re: Can the new engine make boss fights more epic?(DISCUSS)

Tanks and melee dps attacking from the feet, tanks needing to kite the boss. Archers and mages in higher platforms, attacking and depending on the tanks to not lose agro, or the boss attacks them (with unique animations) Healer with tanks, and some with range dps. Boss should have different attack ...

Can the new engine make boss fights more epic?(DISCUSS)

We all know how boring combat can be, and we all know we just kill mobs and bosses because of the loot, not because we enjoy burning our idols and pots. Celtic heroes has evolved to a better looking game, and the devs have promised many new features to the game.. Which makes us ask the question; wil...

Re: wolf gang selling DL and also scam.

This thread is rapidly deteriorating into quarrels between the 2 clans on dragon Lord drop policies. Back to the original post. 'TheYuleBro' clearly is either completely delusional or is out to stur up trouble. We all know his fabricated story is not true and despite his claims that he has 'evidenc...

Re: wolf gang selling DL and also scam.

Of course I wouldnt condone it if such a thing happened, but considering MrSpoonz gave your clan several mord/necro drops when he switched servers, including the shadow focus spear you speak of I beleive, I dont beleive your point in completely valid. As to subzero who plays a level 100ish warrior ...

Re: wolf gang selling DL and also scam.

Lol you crack me up xD one all trades are final 2 supposedly you have mains in both clans if so you wouldn't need stupid idols 3 wolfgang do not sell DL drops guarenteed. Im sorry but no one is going to believe this sorry excuse to cause trouble. Yes, Im in both clans but I ALSO have the $cah-ching...

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