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Selling 90% mount.

Hey guys,

I recently got the Primal Spirit Glider from a beltane chest (after opening 2 chests, lucky me :D)
Since I don't need it, I will be selling it. Mail me in game to "DragonFlame" with your offer, and the highest offer will win :)


How am I doing as a Rogue?

Just like the title says, how are my stats as a Rogue? My stats: Level : 111 Strength : 189 (359) Dexterity : 197 Focus : 10 Vitality : 184 Health : 1640 Energy : 514 Equipment: -Full meteoric armour except for the chestplate (will get the chestplate soon.) -Fiery axe of Triumph -Opal dagger Jewelle...

Selling Arachnid Chests

Hello guys :)
I have bought 8k plat lately and I am selling Arachnid Chests for 16k each.
Mail me ingame with how many chests you would like to buy and I will contact you asap.

Extra Info
World: Belenus
Name: ChaosBringer
Chests Left: 178
Price per chest: 16k

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