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Re: *Tales of herne and superninja*

I'm not going to re-read the original post, to see if I am wrong on this - but I think the clans Ninja named were the ones that joined up with brits to make the larger, and some might say "more successful" New Brits. (Some might say it just caused more headaches in Herne tho, lol) DPSNight...

Re: Let's play the guessing game

Let us clear a few things up, here.... Root scrolls can be used for (at least) two things... 1) they can be used to keep a critter from being lured away by another who gains agro 2) they can be used to hold a critter in place, thereby causing said critter to attack the only people he can reach (** ...

Spying and Drop Thievery

... NOT ... So... It was about 2 and a half years ago. There were two big, relatively successful, clans on Herne. I believe both had Jr. Clans. - not to be confused with "feeder" clans. These were clans to keep the goals of their members aligned. As most of us know, our goals are different...

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