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Re: Witch

Unfortunately with this kind of a boss. The number of losers will demoralize the needed dps to kill her.

The only way to continue to kill her is if the Xtal lock winners mutually agree to fight her with much lower numbers, in a much longer battle.

Re: Requesting transparency regarding 'rare' mob spawns

Releasing a brace which is dream for many players does encourage people. Why wouldn't we farm ? Why wouldn't we want to spend hours everyday fig that brace ? They exist according to developers so there's a chance of spawn. It's completely different than playing lottery. You're so funny. Oh no I'm n...

Re: Quality of Life Improvements

I would love to see an update that balances skills according to how the game actually is , rather than how the game is supposed to be. Skills like e-shield, e-boost, and e-harvest are all fairly good skills, I even use e-boost on my mage, the problem is, they don’t really scale well enough for most...

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