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Hate the new Xp thing

Hey the new xp is bugging the crap out of me I might stop cause of this like I take 20min to kill a boss and get 1k xp points and my xp bar only moves like no even a centimeter. It's moves like 1/10 of a centimeter -_- so yea idk if this is a bug in the game or just how the new update is but I'll be...

Tips for making money

As you know XLegion made a Topic about Tips for Beginners and if you can go check that out if your new. Ok lets get started well there is more then one way to make money for Example: You could complet quest, you could sell items the stores or, you can do the basic fighting now the best way to earn m...

Back before y'all ever played

9/10 of the people who play this game didn't get to play the real Celtic heroes like the first few days the game was made. He a pic that I still have from it :) you can tell me u have seen this admin but not when I was playing lol I remeber the sighting of admin but no one was there cause none of y'...

Selling Dofus account

Dofus is a computer game and it so fun but I bot to obsessed with it so I'm selling a account from it and he is a archer that hit 100-700 lvl 49 and 100 is very good for Dofus if u don't play and the account has many more lvled guys all above 24 that hit 50+

Beta Tells

Hello guys! Ima beta tester witch testing started today and I thought to myself "hey what about the non beta testers?!" so I'll be telling u guys how it is and stuff an I have to go now ttyl bye! :)

Game Ruiner Admins read!

Hello I'm bandit and i don't play this game that much anymore because of the update. (first update) The game sucks now cause of the new way that each item can only be warn bye a pasific type of class, 90% of the gammers before the first update left. And more and more r starting to get bored and will...

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