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Re: Skill Prices

Bless is normally free-1k lol
Stinging swarm 1-4k
All the wards I've noticed go 5-10k
Spring of life like 5-10kish
Sanctuary 10-20k
I think that's it I can't remember lol

Re: Selling misc. items

Hope u dont mind me posting here, friend. LeL Stinging Swarm - 10k Sacrifice - 3k Explosive Shot Tome - 3k Skewer - 3k Defensive Formation - 5k Frostbite - 4k Greater Ring of Explosive Shot - 3k Greater Ring of Skewer - 3k Minor Ring of Frostbite - 1k Grand ring of shatter - 8k Greater ring of ript...

Re: snowbound candycane

Hi shannon :)
I don't know much about such event items, but what i've found in most cases is, White is the Rarest, Black is the second (most popular colors. Smart marketing there lol) and purple is the third rarest.
Hope this helps ;)

Re: supersonic ADs

I had the same problem :cry: tried to do what they said and ask supersonic ads about it OH MY GOD. they make you go thorugh so much just to make a case! Please take a screen shot and copy the offer code and write a support ticket and make sure you fulfilled the offer blah blah blah. I'll pm you too ...

Re: want to change my name

I'm a moderator for another mobile MMO and I can definitely confirm Esquilax' comment here. In the game that I moderate, people do have the ability to change their names by requesting on the forums and getting approved and completed by one of the moderators. It is a huge burden and it overflows us w...

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